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Awakened: The Lightbearer Chronicles Book One

Marric Norst, a sixteen-year-old fletcher’s son is frustrated by his simple life. That changes when he meets Janis, an experienced assassin who has been hired by different parties to both protect and kill him. 


Soon, Marric learns of his potential as a Lightbearer—and the wide range of Light powers, including some that frighten him. Janis finds herself drawn to Marric as he discovers his new powers, but he won’t come into them until his awakening, an event which could prove fatal to him and those around him.


To protect those he loves, Marric must journey with Janis to a sanctuary amidst an underground war, one in which Marric is sought after by both sides to tip the scales in their favor. Together, Marric and Janis experience intrigue, adventure, and a prophecy that may prove significant. Through it all, a simple fact drives the unlikely pair forward despite their misgivings: Marric could awaken at any moment.

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