The cataclysmic events in Stilten changed everything for both Watchlight and Evenir.

Janis has been Transformed. Now she faces a problem even larger than who will replace Magness as Evenir’s leader; whatever happened to Prost in Stilten has engulfed Lindrad in something foreboding. She fears the anti-god may have succeeded in his plan to break free.

Marric has been enlightened. With revelations of his past and knowledge gained from his deceased mother, he grapples with the reality that he is wrapped up in the fate of Lindrad.

Prost has been possessed. Riln’s death brought more than just the dark satisfaction of domination. Now his mind struggles to keep control as Ugglyn invades his very being. While Ugglyn's residence in his mind grants him powers greater than he can imagine, it comes at a terrible price.

As a final confrontation grows imminent and they struggle desperately to understand the pact that binds Ugglyn, each must decide what they're willing to sacrifice, or the anti-god will reign free and Lindrad will be lost to the Void.

Novel - Epic Fantasy

Book Three of The Lightbearer Chronicles

Released: Sept. 12, 2022 - Length: 534 pages (190k words)

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Shielded: Prequel

A boring life.

That’s all Talatha asked for. For years that’s how she’d been able to live, a wife to a talented fletcher, a mother to a newborn son.

But her Shield can only protect her for so long.

In a land where magic is veiled, forbidden by the monarchy, Talatha is forced to use her Shield to protect herself and her family from those who seek the power of Light, garnering forces for an underground war.

But now they’ve found her. What happens if her gift can no longer protect her or the ones she loves?