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The Power of Support

Have you ever had a dream for a majority of your life, then finally got to the point where you are able to fulfill the dream? It feels pretty dang good that's for sure.

Publishing a book has literally been a dream of mine for so long that it's almost surreal that I have a published work. Has that work reached lots of people? Nah, not yet. But it's still pretty cool to know that something that I've created is out there for the world to at least access.

Going through this process has alerted me to something very potent though. Support from your network is very key. I'm a pretty introverted person, so going out and talking to random people, or even just messaging or friending them on social media is way out there for me, but it isn't for some people

. For me, getting myself and my work out there is definitely difficult for me, and I know I need to learn in that area, but one thing that doesn't make me uncomfortable is shamelessly sharing and promoting the works and businesses of my friends.

The problem then? I haven't done it.

It isn't because I don't care about them, or about what they are doing, it's only because I have been caught up in my own need

s and haven't thought about it. Fortunately, going through this process has taught me just how key my support can be in sharing the works and businesses of those that I know. It sure doesn't hurt me to promote something for them. All it really takes is me thinking about sharing, thinking about discussing, or even just involving myself in what they are doing.

I appreciate all the friends and family that have promoted my book and helped me get to the people that I have! Your help is invaluable to me and I know that I couldn't have reached where I have without you. That said, there i

s still more to do!

If you haven't had the opportunity to read Awakened, I really believe that you will enjoy it! It was designed to be a fun and easy read for those that feel like they don't have a lot of time to read nowadays. If you have read it, share it! I will appreciate you for that all my life and please know that it will not go unseen.

As for me, it seems I have some promoting to do for my friends. Keep an eye out for those messages and recommendations from me, they will not be untrue. I know that I have some amazing friends that do some really cool things. They just need people like me to help them get out there in the world and share their cool work.

One thing that isn't necessarily 'shocking' about this is that when I do it, when I go out there and share something that my friends have acco

mplished or done, it feels pretty awesome. Not just because I am helping someone else, but also because heck people are way cool! I noticed that I spend less time digging in and noticing when I am not reviewing and sharing what they have done.

There is so many cool things being done by our friends and family that we need to pay attention to and share.

I know that my life is about to get busier learning about and sharing people's work. What about you?

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