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'Side Hustle' Your Way Through Work

Raise your hand if you now work or have worked a standard 40-hour-work-week kind of job.

*raises hand*

Some jobs even require working more than 40 hour weeks (it happens, sure).

There isn't anything wrong with working jobs to make money. I mean, there isn't a lot of other great ways to earn money, so that's that. Whoever you are, whatever you do, I'm sure you have some level of satisfaction with the job that you do, otherwise I'm sure you wouldn't be where you are.

I was chatting with a good friend/colleague of mine who recently started up a business of her own while also working at the same time. Some may think that's crazy, but really, I think it's a really practical thing. Often when people hear 'side hustle' they think that it's some lucrative business that requires little time but gets you big money.

Reality check, MLMs have bigger talk than results, as do many other 'side hustles'.

First, don't fall for MLMs. Your friends and family will ridicule you in private even if they pity-buy whatever you sell and then hide it in a closet for all time.

Second, real 'side hustles' can actually have a lot more benefits than just making money. That is the ideal state, sure, but there's something about creating your own plan and design for a business, then executing that plan. If you are seeking to learn something, this is an incredible way to get started. There isn't any greater way to learn how to run businesses and grow yourself then trying to set up a business, get customers and make any small amount of money.

Some of the benefits of a 'side hustle':

  • Gaining business experience and knowledge

  • Creating something from scratch and feeling fulfilled

  • Unrestrained creativity

  • An opportunity to get out of your comfort zone

  • Doing what you love without 'real pressure'

  • Sure, in some cases, money (insert fine print disclosure here)

Whether it's buying up properties and renting them, starting a Youtube channel for cooking, or hand-making cool bows for babies, it's something you love to do and that's always going help you feel happy.

Moral of the post, if you don't have a 'side hustle', just do it. Find what you love and just do it!

I've told my wife and I tell my family that my dream is to be a full-time author someday and continue to write the billions of stories that are in my head. Will that happen? Who knows? But in the meantime it's a wicked-fun hobby. I think I'd have to be a way cooler and funny person to get any type of following here, but for now, the 'side hustle' is getting pretty fun for me.

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