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My First Post

I always thought you had to be a super funny person, or a crazy productive DIY for everything while taking care of 12 children kind of mother in order to have a blog. But technically I suppose blogs are just a place for someone to drop their thoughts, post updates about their lives and / or communicate important info.

Many of you may know me, and many of you may not, but I'm just a run-of-the-mill guy working 40 hours a week at a desk job while staring at a screen. Hey, at least I had the decency to buy blue-light filtering glasses which I definitely wear 35% of the time. Fortunately for me, my desk is in the basement of my little home in Utah while my company is in California. That definitely made the 'commute' idea moot when I started the job.

What you may not know about me is that I have the imagination of a child, and I'm ok with that. One of my favorite things to do (as often as time permits) is make up stories for my kids. My wife is always perplexed at how I could come up with a different plot every night for months on end.

Yeah, that's how my brain works. It's amazing how I get anything done.

Regardless, one of my good friends finally convinced me just over two years ago to just write a book. You know what? I did. And I'm about to publish it soon. Of course I couldn't just settle for one book, no. Instead I decided to write a trilogy. I hope that you decide it's worth your time because it definitely was worth mine.

Try to find patience as I write the next two. As much as I would love to dedicate my life full-time to writing I have decided to keep myself busy with a wife and four (almost five) children, a herd of goats and a bunch of egg-laying chickens. Oh, and a giant garden.

Don't worry though. Writing is worth waking up in the dead hours of the morning.

Until next time.

P.s. a small taste of my life. These are three of the six baby goats born just over a month ago to our herd.

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